Face Detect

Detects face and extracts attributes of it.

API call

To perform face detection and attributes extraction.

This API currently supports basic authentication. All endpoints require an Authentication header in the following form:

Authorization: 'Basic ' + Base64.encode(username + ':' + password)

Send a HTTP POST request to:

  • /api/v1/face/detect

The following parameters are used for requests and responses:

sessionIdrequestunique, short-lived code to be generated by the client to track specific sessions
faceImageBaserequestonboarded person photo, Base64 format or URL link to it
returnFaceImagerequestboolean (true, false) to include/exclude detected face rectangle (Base64 format) in response
sessionIdresponseunique, short-lived code to be generated by the client to track specific sessions. Same as in request
hasErrorresponseboolean parameter - true - verification process ended up with some error; false - no errors
faceresponseincludes face attributes object
face\passiveLivenessScoreresponsescore of the сheck. Higher score means higher liveness level, default threshold is set to 0.8
face\rectangleresponseincludes left, right, top, bottom coordinates of detected face
faceImageBaseresponsecropped person photo, Base64 format
errorresponseerror message in case of hasError set to true, informing about type of error: FACE_NOT_FOUND
  "sessionId": "bbbf9002-c3a2-4308-b103-d80b9f5a2b84",
  "faceImageBase": "...AZ4",
  "returnFaceImage": true

Response - successfull call
  "sessionId": "bbbf9002-c3a2-4308-b103-d80b9f5a2b84",
  "hasError": false,
  "face": {
    "age": 29,
    "gender": -10000,
    "passiveLivenessScore": 0.5,
    "rectangle": {
      "top": 17,
      "left": 314,
      "width": 422,
      "height": 528
  "faceImageBase": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgA...RQI//9k="

Response - error
  "sessionId": "bbbf9002-c3a2-4308-b103-d80b9f5a2b84",
  "hasError": true,
  "error": "INTERNAL_ERROR"

List of errors

FACE_NOT_FOUNDFailed to detect faceFace detector can’t find face on image. Face detection has probabilistic nature and may have errors. It also has some sensitivity level and very small faces may be ignored.